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Dell Inspiron Zino HD Broadcom LAN Driver

Free Download Dell Inspiron Zino HD Broadcom LAN Driver for Vista/Windows 7 (Network Card). Drivers Dell Inspiron Zino HD Download For Windows 7 (64bit) BROADCOM Wireless n MiniCard WLAN for Desktop Hard-Drive; LITEON Network. Dell Wireless WLAN Half MiniCard Application. This package provides the Dell Wireless WLAN Half MiniCard Driver and is supported on Category. Network Inspiron Zino HD

Dell Inspiron Zino HD Broadcom LAN Drivers for Mac Download

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Dell Inspiron Zino HD Broadcom LAN Driver

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 It has been a long time since my last OEM PC experience a Dell Pentium so it was a little weird and strangely nice to have a complete system show up in the mail, nicely boxed up with everything pre-installed.

The unit was incredibly well packed; suspended in a foam surround and covered with a protective bag. Even if the box had been mishandled, I doubt any harm would have come to the Zino HD.

The notebook style power supply, mouse, Windows 7 system restore DVD kind of hard to see because it is under the mouse and manuals are included in the box. It was really nice to see an actual disc for the Windows 7 media instead of having to request it separately or create my own from a hidden partition which is common from many other OEMs, Dell included.

As well as a pretty decent keyboard. After removing it from the protective shell, we can see that the Zino HD is entirely covered in anti-scratch Dell Inspiron Zino HD Broadcom LAN. Removing it reveals a nice looking glossy black plastic case. The front panel has the same glossy finish, includes an optical drive, headphone jack, two USB ports and a SecureDigital SD card reader.

Because there are only two USB ports and internal space is limited to one hard drive, it would be nice to have the option for an internal Media Center infrared IR receiver because the Dell Inspiron Zino HD Broadcom LAN IR will occupy one of the USB ports so either the keyboard and mouse need to get replaced with one that uses a single USB port most wireless keyboard and mouse combos willleaving no ports available on the back for other devices like an external hard driveor we need to hang the cables off the front — which is a bit unsightly.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD - Missing Remote

While it was nice to not need to assemble the Zino HD when it arrived, I did felt an irresistible urge to take it apart and look at the guts. After removing the top cover a screwdriver is required to continue, simply remove the single screw in blue in Dell Inspiron Zino HD Broadcom LAN top-center to free the panel. Some Dell Inspiron Zino HD Broadcom LAN is required when lifting the panel out as it is very easy to break off the plastic where it is attached in red to the front of the case above the optical drive.

Underneath we find a slimline optical drive. Remove the screw at the back and the optical drive slides out the front. Below the optical drive we find the drive cage for a standard 3. A couple screws later and we can see the heat sink and 50mm fan. The fan does a good job of keeping everything cool and when idle reasonably quiet.

However the fan spins up quickly when putting load on the box producing a noticeable buzz. In a moderate- to-loud room the noise levels were acceptable, but it was quite audible in rooms with a low noise floor. The heatsink itself is pretty small; just a heatpipe, some fins and a thin Dell Inspiron Zino HD Broadcom LAN plate. It does a decent job of keeping everything cool though so no complaints.

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Turning the Zino HD over shows that there are a good number of holes for airflow. The Zino HD can take up to 8GB, but since there are only two slots getting that much memory in it would cost almost as much as the whole PC.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD

Installation was quite easy, but the drivers for the Broadcom network interface card NIC are not included with Windows 7 so you will need to download them ahead of time. These trade-offs are readily apparent in our Handbrake encoding test.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD Broadcom LAN Driver Download

As we can see the Zino HD is the slowest system in the test; this result was expected and understandable given the clock speed advantage of the Dell Inspiron Zino HD Broadcom LAN PCs in the group. Where it is bested in speed, it clearly shines when measuring power consumption 49W drawing 20W less than the closest E system and over W less than the hungriest. Overall power consumption was very good in all of the scenarios tested. Each configuration exhibited different behaviors that required slightly different configuration when connected so they will be discussed separately.

Less surprising given that most displays overscan out of the box, the driver defaulted to a moderate underscan. For those with a 24p capable display the HD does include a 24Hz mode by default when connected to a compatible display.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD Broadcom LAN Driver for Windows 7

When measured using ReClock we can see that the actual rate is pretty close to 24Hz, but for most 24p content which is actually This was a significant change from the experience with earlier versions Dell Inspiron Zino HD Broadcom LAN Catalyst where if extended display identification EDID data is not present when powering on or resuming from standby the HDMI port does not work until the PC is rebooted. The process is very easy, so while a consistent experience would be preferable this is a really minor issue.

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