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Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics Driver

Acer Aspire TC- EB11 8th gen i5 processor desktop pc. to much to list out, i did add a Nvidia GT 2GB graphics card for better gaming performance, will run gta and newer titles, . This is an Acer Aspire TC in new condition. Acer Aspire TC_WA - tower - A6 GHz - 4 GB - 1 TB. Model Acer Aspire Supported Flash Memory Cards. SD Memory Card  Missing: NVIDIA. desktop acer aspire tc 5. Sort by SKU VGA Card ASUS RXG DVI,HDMI,DP,2G,D5. Dust-proof fan VGA Card PCI-E Geforce GFGT MB 16X DDR3 TV/Dvi Bit VGA Card PCI-E Nvidia Geforce DDR3 1GB GT (VGA+HDMI+DVI) (Dell Vostro MT) Thermal Design Power: W. $

Drivers Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics

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Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics Driver

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Also, a note about our test beds. We tested all the chips we're comparing the Kaveri A to under Windows 8. We also tested the Intel chips running the same RAM, but only at the fastest, lower speed officially supported by those chips. And the last-generation AK does a smidge better than the newer chip we're looking at here as well.

Media-Conversion Tests We then moved on to our media-crunching tests, in which we get to see what the performance boost looks like in real-world scenarios involving processing audio, video, and image files. First Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics is our sole single-threaded benchmark, our iTunes Conversion Test, which taxes only a single CPU core to convert an album's worth of files All else being equal, this test is sensitive to raw clock speed.

Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics Drivers for Windows XP

On this timed Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics, the A10's slightly slower clock speed hurts it, as does the underlying Bulldozer architecture, which has always struggled, relatively speaking, with single-threaded workloads. The A is close behind the AK, but it's left behind by Intel's Core i3 and i5 chips, and is slower than the previous-generation AK, as well.

We then subjected the A Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics video-conversion and photo-editing benchmarks, using two more pieces of multicore-aware software. We used the video-conversion utility Handbrake for the video test, converting a short test video file Pixar's Dug's Special Mission into an iPhone- and iPod-friendly format Here, the A managed to nearly catch the Core i3 chip, while just besting the A and the previous-generation AK. As usual, the power-hungrier AK was just slightly speedier.

Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics Windows 8

For the photo-editing trial, we fired up the seminal Adobe Photoshop Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics which also makes use of multiple cores and subjected our stock Photoshop test image to a set of 11 filters run in sequence via an Actions file But the new A chip once again landed a few seconds behind the last-gen AK, and finished more than a minute later than Intel's Core i Overall, CPU performance for the A isn't exactly stunning.

But it is close enough to that of the more expensive and power-hungry AK to make the latter chip a lesser value unless you're planning on overclocking and don't care much about power or heat output.

New Driver: Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics

And on that front, the Kaveri A10 is certainly more impressive. Graphics Performance We started out our graphics testing with the version of Futuremark's 3DMark, specifically its high-end Fire Strike benchmark subtest, which is designed to measure a system's overall graphics capabilities. The A dominated most other chips here, keeping pace with the pricier AK… In the test's graphics subscore, which attempts to isolate graphics abilities from other component differences, the A nearly doubled the score of the costlier Core i, while pulling well ahead of the previous-generation AK, which itself was only slightly ahead of the newer Kaveri-based A Next up was our least-demanding gaming test, Just Cause 2, which we ran under DirectX And they all delivered playable frame rates at p and Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics settings.

Keep in mind, though, that this is an old game.

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As we're about to see, frame rates are much more modest across the board when running newer, more-demanding code. Switching over to DirectX 11, specifically our Aliens Vs.

Predator game benchmark, the frame rates dropped dramatically… Again, though, the A did much better than the integrated graphics on either Intel chip. But none of the frame rates were playable here at high settings.

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In more recent titles Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics as Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs, we were able to reach, or at least get close to, playable frame rates with AMD's two latest chips at p and medium graphics settings. But again, that was the case only with fast-clocked RAM At p, the Core i was only able to deliver about half to two-thirds of the frame rates as the A could, and it didn't get close to playability.

Mind you, these games will still be playable with Intel's latest integrated graphics, but you'll either have to dial down the resolution below p, or push down the game detail settings to low levels. Even the lesser A clearly has more gaming muscle than the Intel chips here.

Also note that there's a noticeable, though not a huge dip, in gaming Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics when dropping the A down from 65 to 45 watts. Provided you can provide sufficient cooling or are okay with the performance of the chip at its watt TDPthe A10 could be the basis of a fairly formidable slim media and gaming PC. AMD Dual Graphics One of the potential benefits of opting for an AMD APU is that you can combine the integrated graphics on the chip with a dedicated graphics card, whether you buy Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics card when you build the system, or months or years down the line.

We paired an MSI version of the Radeon R7 card with the A and were, for the most part, pleasantly surprised.

AMD A10-7800

When last we visited Dual Graphics, we had a heck of a time just getting it working. And once we did, performance was noticeably choppy, presumably caused by driver immaturity in Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics of the complicated process of getting two different banks of graphics cores to work in sync with each other.

This time around, though, while setup still wasn't exactly easy or intuitive, a couple of jabs in the BIOS, a few clicks in Acer Aspire TC-115 NVIDIA Graphics Catalyst Control Center, and a reboot just to be sure everything was running rightand we had Dual Graphics up and running. Firing up Heaven 2. And while performance wasn't always smooth we noticed the occasional momentary performance blip or screen-tearing issuethe overall experience seems much better than our experience with the technology earlier in the spring of

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